From a very young age, I was a creative thinker. If I wasn't finding ways to make everyday objects into horses, I was photographing my pets. My passion for photography and love of animals resulted in the desire to take beautiful pictures of the creatures so near and dear to my heart.

I earned a Bachleors of Fine Art with a track in graphic design and a minor in photography from the University of North Florida. I have four years of professional training in photography with a focus on studio photography and lighting techniques. In addition to my digital photography knowledge, I have years of experience working with a range of photography techiniques including film, infrared and slide. In addition to my technical skills, my ability to connect with animals is what makes sessions with me so simple. My innate love of animals translates into a fun and stress-free photography session, whether in the studio or on location. I can say with 100% honesty that I literally love all animals.

How I got into photography
I never really got into photography; I have just always been in photography. One of my first toys was this weird, toy polaroid camera that had a sponge you wetted and when the plastic “film” would pass through the opening and over the wet sponge, an image would appear. I played with that toy for hours on end and even though the photos were always the same (that’s the nature of fake film) I never grew tired of it. Each time it was like magic to me. From there I advanced to a real polaroid camera and then to an old Minolta SR-T. Being the lucky daughter of a tech-obsessed engineer, I was constantly surrounded by the latest technology including several digital cameras. I can’t say when I first laid hands on a digital camera, it honestly seems like I have always had one, but I can say when I first got my hands on DSLRs. It was in 2006 that I bought and fell in love with my first Nikon camera. I had been studying photography in college well before then but had always used film cameras as opposed to digital. I still love film, but with rapid advancements in technology, digital is a must. It’s also great to be able to show clients a few previews during their session and see their reactions firsthand when they get a glimpse of their precious pets on camera.

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